We are builders.

Helping its portfolio companies to achieve operational excellence and growth.

Our focus

Helventure is not only an investor but also a support organisation helping its portfolio companies to achieve operational excellence and growth.

Our region

Our geographical focus lies in Europe and in the Middle East.

Our headquarter is located in Zug, Switzerland and we operate offices in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine and Bosnia.
Our office in Germany allows us to better serve our clients in Europe, while our offices in the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, and Bosnia enable us to tap into the fast-growing markets in the Middle East and Southeast Europe.

We take pride in our ability to operate in diverse regions and are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and expertise regardless of their location.

We invest in companies that have proven their technology and business model and are ready to scale outside of their home country. Both the technology and business model are evaluated for suitability and fit into HELVENTUREs portfolio of complementary businesses.  HELVENTURE helps in creating a market entry strategy with an aim to create sustainable businesses.

About us

Zug is well-known for its business-friendly environment.

Switzerland is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-confessional nation shaped by the will of its people. It has been a federal state since 1848. Switzerland has a federal structure with three different political levels: the Confederation, the cantons and the municipalities.

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